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Welcome to the Corporate Workplace Solutions Center | MyFacility

If this is an  EMERGENCY, please call the Corporate Workplace Solutions Center directly at (800) 698-4400 for immediate assistance 24 hours day, 365 days a year.**IMPORTANT | If your work order request is related to Hurricane Michael, please preface the work order request description with "MICHAEL" to ensure appropriate escalation. Facility Managers, please use initiative code "MICHAEL" to ensure proper reporting and coding of requests for this event**


Otherwise, MyFacility allows you to submit online requests to Bank of America’s Corporate Workplace for a variety of building services. You may refer to the MyFacility User Guide with any questions. US & Canada users may refer to the Property Management Guide for more information about the services provided by Corporate Workplace.


Emergency Phone Numbers



Languages Supported

Phone number

US & Canada

English Domestic

+1 800 698 4400

Asia Pacific

Asian Languages

+65 6678 1144

Asia Pacific


+65 6678 4444


English (exluding Spain)

+44 207 995 4444



+1 724 749 8282



000800 852 2016

Latin America


+52 55 52016185